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Fiber Optic Performance

All is about service companies delivering that backbone to your business. The "last mile" that isn’t already handled by fiber and at BroadMax, we have been in the forefront delivering Fiber-to-the-Business since 2009.

High Capacity Wireless Technology

Years of experience in installing and maintaining all types of data and voice infrastructure, Fiber Optic cables and High Capacity Wireless Communications. Our technological partners are in-tune with our company mission of covering the world with connectivity.

Business Phone Systems

We offer some of the most advanced business phone systems on the market. Whether you need the latest VOIP technology or a phone system that integrates your core business applications. We can provide International phone services.

What else we provide?. Call us at +1 (786)-673-7685

Global coverage

We have the expertise to develop communications infrastructure for end users connectivity in any Country or Region. We transport the signal though Fiber Optic or high capacity wireless equipment's up to 185 miles or 300 km.

From internet Source to the 'Last Mile'

Internet connections in the last mile hurt network performance. Thus, last mile access should be of paramount concern. Broadmax make an intensive study of each client to ensure they meet the requirements of contracted bandwidth. We offer a complete business voice solution.

Commitment To Quality

Customer feedback is extremely important to our team and we take tremendous pride in the customer experience we’ve created. From development to installation, the BroadMax Networks team continues to exceed expectations.

If your business depends on your internet connectivity....... boy, do We have a solution for you!!!

We provide Dual Redundant connectivity, so you'll never be down !

Cellular data connectivity like you've never seem before.

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Who we are

We are the leaders in the communications industry with our state of the art 100 Gigabit or (100000 Megabit) fiber infrastructure.

Taking advantage of the latest advancements in fiberoptic, wired and wireless technologies to deliver Diverse Path for redundancy resulting in a fast, robust and interruption free service delivery to our customers.

  • "Last Mile" High Capacity Connections
  • Business Phone Cloud Services
  • Hi Availability and Redundance Services
Fiber Optics
Hi Capacity Wireless Internet Services
Internet Rescue
Cloud Internet Services


About us

Our method of service delivery is directly designed to solve the problems that commonly plague Internet users.

We never experience Slow service problems due to oversubscription or what is equal to saturating an internet connection with more customers than it can really sustain because we always deliver the appropriate amount of bandwidth rather than hoping not everyone will use it at the same time. We also prevent Service interruptions due to a single entry by using redundant diverse path to each property using a combination of fibers and wireless.

Our approach towards avoiding Expensive monthly charges associated with high-speed plans is to engage with the property owners or managers to provide bulk or wholesale pricing on both Internet service, entertainment and voice products.

Paving the way for the future of communications by participation in the research and development of new technologies, you can reach us at +1-(786)-673-7685.  Our development center is at 11119 NW, 122nd street, Miami, FL. 33178. USA

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Simply put, BroadMax Networks’ strategy is to offer a service, demanded by customers, at a price that undercuts the competition. This will be accomplished, not by accepting below-market margins, but by leveraging Fiber and Wirelees technology, to help drive BroadMax Networks’ costs down.

High Capacity Wireless

BroadMax Networks’ competitive edge is the effective and efficient use of Wireless technology. Air-Fiber, while a fairly recent technology, has been adopted by several different service providers as well as used for business-based networks.

failover redundancy

Our infrastructure is fed mostly by fiber optics and by high-speed wireless links for redundancy to the end customer.  We manage and maintain the routers, they are covered against hardware failures, defects and vulnerabilities in the internal code with regular software updates.


In BroadMax Networks, we take pride in our network design and the combination of technologies, hardware vendors and techniques we employ to deliver the best possible service in the world because we want you to be our customer forever.