START UP (100 Mbps - 300 Mbps)
STANDARD (10 Mbps - 300 Mbps)
PREMIUM (500 Mbps - 1 Gig)
  • 1 Dynamic IPv4 Address
  • /56 IPv6 Addresses (4.7 Sextillion)
  • Monthly Data Transfer Limit
  • 1 Static IPv4 Address
  • /56 IPv6 Addresses (4.7 Sextillion)
  • Monthly Data Transfer Limit
  • 4 Static IPv4 Addresses
  • /56 IPv6 Addresses (4.7 Sextillion)
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Dedicated Bandwidth

Cloud Internet Services

Business Internet Services. Best Price/Quality. We offers around South Florida, Dedicated Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Best Effort Internet with speeds from 10MB to 1000MB, at very competitive prices.  High Availability and Fail-over services is a priority in our company. BroadMax Networks refers as a High priority level of this feature. Passive fiber optic networks have the added benefit of being able to use optical dividers or splitters, which makes it easier and faster to expand the network.  

Business Digital Phone Services. We may provision business Digital phone service with phone numbers from anyplace in the United States and many other countries around the world, all services cover in South Florida. Need a hosted solutions? Desktop integration? Connecting multiple offices or remote based workers? We can provide every technology your business is looking for. Contact us today and experience the advantage that BroadMax can bring to your office

Cloud based Redundancy. We have the option to colocate in our Datacenter your own servers, prices are based in the space they take, and the bandwidth need it to run those server, in the other hand you can use a Dedicated Server provide by us according with your specs, let us know what you need. 
Of course we also have the possibility to give you a virtual machine to run your business from our CLOUD.

Internet Rescue

 Our company leads the telecommunications industry with fiber optichigh capacity wireless links and a diverse range of alternative connection methods including backup connectivity by the 4G LTE cellular network. Our Technical Services works  24/7 Services and ours Customers can reach the Tier1 Engineer platform trough a simple call.

Our infrastructure is fed mostly by fiber optics and by high-speed wireless links for redundancy to the end customer, in most cases the final handoff is passive or active optical fiber, shielded twisted pair (STP) CAT7 for up to 10Gigabit, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) CAT6 for up to 1Gigabit connections. 

Our customers receive a Wi-Fi router with the latest wireless AC band technology (to accommodate the ever increasing demand from streaming services, cloud based applications, online trading, shopping,  gaming etc..) we manage and maintain the routers, they are covered against hardware failures, defects and vulnerabilities in the internal code with regular software updates

Fiber Optics and High Capacity Wireless Connections

Cyclic Redundancy and High Availability.  A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is an error-detecting code commonly used in networks and storage devices to detect accidental changes to raw data. We are checking all time our connections in order to fix any error.  High Availability refers to the ability of the user community to obtain a service or good. This is a priority in our network. BroadMax refers as a High priority level of this feature. Passive fiber optic networks have the added benefit of being able to use optical dividers or splitters, which makes it easier and faster to expand the network.  

Remote manager solutions. In systems management, out-of-band management involves the use of management networks interfaces for managing servers and networking equipment.  Both in-band and out-of-band (OOB) management are usually done through a network connection, but an out-of-band management card can use a physically separated network connector if preferred. We install a remote management card in order to Management the network.

Effective Dashboard Control Software. The use of application service management is common for complex, multi-tier transactional applications. BroadMax  introduce of service-oriented architecture and microservices approaches together with hypervisor-based virtualization technologies. We use effective Tools for checking, update and monitoring all our Routers, Systems and Virtual Environments.

Miami International Airport

Redundancy Services of 150MB simetric connection.

Jungle Island

Redundancy Services of 150MB simetric connection.

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