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Our properties enjoy the direct communication benefits of a Dedicated Service brings to your community.

We secure, scalable, reliable connectivity for your community.

Populated Bed Town

Let us help you design your Fiber Connection in your HOA Community Internet Services, Home Owners Association, and Condo.

NEED EXPERT ADVICE? 1-786-458-8600

With recent advances in technology, BroadMax Networks will help your association to evaluate how today's ever-changing technology can benefit your community's needs.

BroadMax Networks will also help to understand the debate over Fiber vs. Coax.

Our goal is to educate and empower you to ultimately make better decisions for your community.

With new emerging technologies, increased competition, and recent regulatory changes, your community has more options than ever.

Quicker uploads, more sharing

You could start with a basic plan and increase it at any desired moment by simple write or calling us.

Flexible Pricing

Pricing may start from below $100.00 and up.

Dedicated Speeds Up to 1000 Mbps

Our connection is the new technology which non limited us to provide any internet speed by connecting you to our different towers around town

Fast Installation

Usually, the installation is complete within hours. Therefore it may take 5 to 7 business days to install you but we have expedited services with 48 to 72 hours.

No deceptive "speed boost" trickery

We have a variety of Plans for any industry. Our plans start from 10 Mbs to unlimited speeds.

Customer Service

We are here to customize any circuit or speed for you.

HOA Community Internet

If you’re looking for community internet providers, BroadMAX Networks has you covered.

South Florida Miami is a robust city with business opportunities abounding and a relatively low cost of living.


Many neighborhoods have HOAs and condominium associations dedicated to keeping the community looking and running its best.


HOA Community internet is one of many possible amenities that can draw in good residents to your HOA, condo association, or apartment complex. 

In this day and age of working and studying from home, the internet is one of the most essential utilities. And yet, many communities leave it up to each resident to find their own internet supplier.


If you’re considering community internet for multi-dwelling units in South Florida Miami, give BroadMAX Networks a call today!


home owners association

Bring the best in fiber Internet to your community

Our focus on reliability, customer service, great products, smooth installs, and creating a tailored plan to serve each community makes us a true partner to the associations that we serve.

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