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Participate our 1st Raffle

Jun 27, 2022

The winner will be announced on July’s 14th.

Are you afraid of a security breach… your private information seen, and your company’s documents stolen by the competition.

It is okay! We can help. BroadMAX Networks takes pleasure in posting our first raffle, where you’ll have the opportunity of winning a Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment.

We will help you understand all forms of exploitable weak spots that might be damaging your organization’s cybersecurity. Knowing the most significant risks to your enterprise is the first move to defending your confidential data and your customers’ data. So… what are you waiting for to participate?

All you must do is:

• Follow Us!

• Tag three friends in the comments of this post.

• You may repost this in your stories and tag us (this increases your chances to win).

The winner will be announced on July’s 14th.

Let us know what you think right here… and tag those friends, remember that you can tag, comment, and repost as many times as you want!!!

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