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The Doral Chamber of Commerce welcome BroadMAX Networks

Daniel Williams

Mar 21, 2022

Doral Chamber of Commerce Proudly Welcomes BroadMAX Networks as a Trustee

The Doral Chamber of Commerce proudly Welcomes BroadMAX Networks as a Trustee member. The Doral Chamber of Commerce in partnership with businesses such as BroadMAX Networks will continue to work together towards a common goal building a healthy economy and continuing to improve the quality of life in the City of Doral.

"On behalf of everyone at the Doral Chamber of Commerce, we extend our warmest welcome to BroadMAX Networks" says Manny Sarmiento, President & CEO of the Doral Chamber of Commerce.

BroadMAX Networks is here to deliver a world-class service, not to sell you the latest gadgets. The collective background and experience of our team are some of the principal qualities that set us apart from any other IMSP (Managed Service Provider) and ISP (Internet Service Provider) company.

With the combined experience of over 20 years, our staff is able to solve just about any technical problem for your home or business.

BroadMAX Networks is now a leading, service-driven IT support and ISP company with a professional expert team ready to help.

BroadMAX Networks is a socially conscious company. Our two primary focuses are to provide people with the highest quality computer support services possible and to promote job growth within the Greater South Florida and Miami areas. We are unlike the many large retail stores. While their goals are focused on profits and sales. BroadMAX Networks' number one goal is to use technologies to aid you in becoming a more effective and efficient professional.

The Doral Chamber of Commerce was created to meet the needs of a thriving business

community of small to medium sized companies in Doral and surrounding areas that needed assistance and support in growing their business. After examining our member's needs and the current economic environment, we have found that the new "e-World", Internet communities, online social relationships and education via the web are the "new" and best ways to market your business. We provide our members and the business community in general, with networking and educational opportunities in traditional learning and online environments that together enhance the operational, marketing, and business development skills needed for success in today's business world.

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