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Internet Failover for $1/day: Evaluate Your Business Failover Needs

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The Internet Failover is an incredible accomplishment. It allows businesses to connect with employees and customers worldwide with the push of a button. For this reason alone,

backup internet, rescue internet device, outage solution, failover internet services
backup internet, rescue internet device, outage solution, failover internet services

many companies and individuals rely on their internet connection to keep the lights on and businesses running.

Unfortunately, even the best standard internet connection isn’t always reliable. Servers go down, routers fail, and ISPs experience technical issues. When there is a failover internet you, and your business will lose its online presence. Each moment of downtime will cost you. That’s why it’s so important to have a backup plan in place.

An outage solution, like a rescue internet device or backup internet will help keep your business connected even when your primary network goes down. The right failover system can keep a network running in the face of component failures and connectivity issues, so there’s never a coverage gap.

What Is Internet Failover?

The term “failover” refers to the ability to reliably and seamlessly switch to a backup whenever a system component goes down; whenever a primary system component “fails,” an internet failover system moves network traffic “over” to a reliable backup network to mitigate the impact on users.

For example, if a business’s primary routers crash, a failover system would drive network traffic to backup routers. Users will not feel the

effects of the router failure, and the switch to the backup system would be entirely automatic — so there’s no need for human intervention until the primary servers are back online.

Setting up an internet failover system is an essential part of business protocols and network planning. The failover system prevents downtime, keeps things running smoothly, and helps save time in the critical hours after a disaster.

Failover solutions can be as simple as a switch to swap to another router or as complex as a complete secondary network. Different businesses will have different needs; choosing the right failover solution for your company depends on what software or network tools you need to protect. You can get complete bundles from providers like BroadMAX Networks that are designed to meet your needs.

Who Needs a Failover Solution?

Any business that relies on the Internet for daily operations can benefit from having a failover solution in place. But two groups will get the most peace of mind from having internet failover to stay connected no matter what:

  1. Small businesses

  2. Folks who work from home offices

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