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BroadMax Networks is a full business telecommunication company providing all technology solutions in the South Florida area from West Palm Beach, Broward County, and Dade County Miami

With customizable features, easy scalability, as well as 30-60% savings over landlines, VoIP is the smart move for your business.

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Landline, analog: it be a voice, burglar, fire alarms, elevators, ATM machines, emergency call boxes, point of sales, and more.

Business SMS brings the ability to integrate SMS communications with a business’s PBX and other internal systems.

A digital telephone line or digital trunk is a type of telephone line that carriers voice and/or data by using digital sampling.

Give sales presentations and product demos, and collaborate interactively. Support PC and Mac users remotely.

Fax on the Go: Fax by email on your laptop, tablet, or mobile anytime, anywhere.

Designed to protect business customers through increased reliability and survivability during unexpected service interruptions.

Transform your customer communications with us.

BroadMAX Networks is the leading cloud communication platform that enables you to engage customers across channels - SMS, voice, video, WhatsApp, email, and more.

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Dialing a Number

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Analog lines for elevators and security alarm systems, digital lines for businesses, international numbers, long-distance calls, telephone equipment, and more.