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General network monitoring and maintenance

General network monitoring and maintenance is crucial for ensuring optimal network performance and availability.


Network monitoring involves tracking and analyzing network traffic to identify issues and potential threats. This is done using specialized software and tools that provide visibility into performance, traffic, usage, faults, and availability. To effectively monitor and maintain a network, it is important to have a clear understanding of network monitoring fundamentals and standards.

This includes knowledge of protocols, best practices, and tools. An A-Z guide on network monitoring protocols, best practices, and top 6 best network monitoring tools to consider can be found in.


Network monitoring is the process of discovering, mapping, and monitoring a computer network to ensure optimal availability and performance. It is important to have a dedicated platform with a rich feature set and vendor support to perform better network monitoring.  Careful network monitoring can facilitate proactive strategies, such as justifying the cost of hardware or infrastructure upgrades required to eliminate chronic network bottlenecks. With analytics capabilities, potential breaks can be identified before they cause significant problems.

In summary, network monitoring and maintenance are essential for ensuring optimal network performance and availability. It involves using specialized software and tools to track and analyze network traffic, identify issues and potential threats, and facilitate proactive strategies.


A dedicated platform with a rich feature set and vendor support is recommended for better network monitoring.

Today’s businesses rely on their network to stay productive and profitable. Modern networks are sophisticated. Given this fact, IT issues could easily worsen if not monitored constantly and maintained regularly.

Do you know your network’s health or performance monitoring at all times and have constant, digital network monitoring of your systems?  Are your computers and network devices being proactively maintained and updated to keep them secure and extend their lifespan?  If not, BroadMAX Networks' Tech can help you by providing you with network monitoring and proactive maintenance services that fit your specific company’s needs.

The following section is a summary of the major points you should be aware of it.

Network Maintenance Fundamentals Overview

  1. Network maintenance is an integral component of a network management methodology

  2. Network maintenance activities are either structured or interrupt-driven (ad-hoc)

  3. A structured or scheduled network maintenance approach is based on a predefined plan

  4. Ad-hoc maintenance activities are those that are performed when any issues arise

  5. A structured maintenance approach leverages proactive monitoring

  6. An ad-hoc approach increases the number of resources required to support the network


Network Maintenance Tasks

  1. Network maintenance tasks are simple tasks that are performed on a day-to-day basis

  2. The following is a list of common network maintenance tasks:

  1. Installing, replacing, or upgrading both hardware and software

  2. Monitoring, tuning, and optimizing the network

  3. Documenting the network and maintaining network documentation

  4. Securing the network from both internal and external threats

  5. Planning for network upgrades, expansions, or enhancements

  6. Scheduling backups and restoring services or the network from backups

  7. Ensuring compliance with legal regulations and corporate policies

  8. Troubleshooting problem reports

  9. Maintaining and updating device configurations


As a network monitoring company, BroadMAX Networks has been providing network monitoring solutions to businesses in the greater Miami-Dade County area for more than 20 years.


Our clients trust us, knowing that our advanced business technology solutions and skilled technicians ensure their network is in tip-top shape. We can provide the same outstanding network monitoring and alert solutions for your business.


  1. Maintain network system health

  2. Get the most out of your network connection

  3. Keep your network secure 

  4. Save Money and Increase Productivity

If you’re looking for network monitoring and maintenance services, BroadMAX Networks offers comprehensive solutions that will satisfy nearly every small to midsize business’s security requirements.


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