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We will promptly address questions about your service. Call or email us regarding customer care, billing, sales, or maintenance using the options below. If your matter is urgent, please call us at (786) 458-8600

Get the tech support that works
as hard as you do

Our network operations center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address repair or technical issues for Broadband, Ethernet, MPLS, IP Telephony (SIP Trunking, Digital Phone, IP PRI, Cloud PBX, and TrueUC), SD-WAN, and Cloud Firewall.

What Is Technical Support? Definition And Meaning

It is hard to imagine any online business today without reliable, stable tech support.


What is technical support? This term stands for a range of services aimed at providing website or app users with fast help with any issues that may arise. In most cases, such services should be available around the clock so that the visitors can ask questions and solve urgent disputes at any time.

You may also ask, “What is virtual tech support?” Its functions are the same with the only difference: while you may get traditional tech support by visiting the physical office of the enterprise, a virtual does not require you to leave your home. You can access it remotely by having an Internet connection.

Unfortunately, not all modern companies understand the significance of tech support, and that is why many of them fail to satisfy their clients. Also, it is essential to avoid common confusion: tech support is not to educate users, but rather to assist them with their queries.

Technical support can be of several different levels. These levels predetermine the obligations of its reps and the purposes of the teams:

  • Level-one tech support

  • Level-two tech support

  • Level-three tech support

  • Other levels (less popular)


So, what is the role of tech support? What are the significant differences between those levels? How should one know which one to use? The sections below will explain why tech support form is important.
technical support form
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