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Point-to-point internet establishes a connectivity between two nodes without a host or networking device.
There’s nothing more frustrating than having a million things to do and getting disrupted by a poor connectivity.

wireless internet connection from building to building

Building to Building PTP, connecting internet two locations

The first – and likely most important – concern of any network is its reliability. While fiber optics may have let you down, ptp has you covered. Since it’s wireless, you won’t have to worry about disruptions on the cable cords. That’s a huge plus because these disruptions are what slow your internet.


As we mentioned before, a disruption between your two connecting points is bad for speed. But, unlike other networks, access two locations doesn’t have to jump through hoops to reach its destination. As its name suggests, point to point is a direct means of travel. This means there’s much less room for noise and other disturbances.

Aside from reliability, the next major concern of an internet service is its speed. 15-50 Mbps is considered a good operating speed, which is easily attainable by point-to-point internet. Other types of internet service are in a much lower range. They typically fall between 1 and 10 Mbps, which can make a world of difference.

The last benefit of this service that we’ll mention is how low maintenance it is. This type of network requires virtually no upkeep, due to its straightforward nature. Most network errors require you to bring in a maintenance crew which can be costly and tedious. Instead, most point to point issues can be resolved with very little effort.

You Deserve One Of Our Best P2P Access

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Why We Are The Best

Point to point, (p2p) internet establishes a access between two nodes without a host or networking device. It’s fast, convenient, and will save you quite a headache. You’re not alone! Millions use point to point internet because of its reliability, consistency, and accuracy. Check out our QuickQuote for our recommended solution.


Wireless connectivity makes point-to-point, p2p more affordable and easier to customize.

As your business expands to multiple locations, you’re probably looking for the most convenient and cost-effective way to expand your internet service.

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