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IT Managed Service Packages

BroadMAX provides total and complete managed cybersecurity for our clients.

Here you will find our 3 Tier service levels that range from essential support with security features to robust monitoring with remediation. 
Packages include combining services so they can be offered at a single price. It enables businesses to choose a package that’s within their budget and meets their requirements; our services package also gives clients an option to scale up or down as needed.


Essential IT services are what businesses should always be provided by their IT provider.

Infrastructure & Device Management

24x7x365 Monitoring

Maintenance Support

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Multi-Factor Authentication

DNS Protection


Email Encryption

Advanced Email Security

Essential IT services
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Premium IT services provide you with total and complete security and support.


Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Darkweb Monitoring

Security Awareness Training
Log collection (SIEM)
Data Loss Prevention

User Behavioral Analytics

Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Premiun IT Services
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Professional IT services are for businesses that require the utmost security and maintenance.

Same features from ESSENTIAL

Vulnerability Scanning
Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Ransomware Remediation
24/7 Managed SOC

Professional IT services
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Custom IT services provide you with a customized security and support.

A site service visit is require to customize your need.

Custom IT services
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