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When it comes to reliability, we are the ones you need!

Ethernet Dedicated Internet

Ethernet Dedicated Internet

  • Fast Speed up to 10 Gigs

  • Secure connection

  • Upload speeds as fast as download speed

Fast Business Access: Dedicated internet, Fiber, internet service connection, satellite connectivity, wifi, wi-fi, point-to-point connection by Air (Wireless)

BroadMax Networks starts with internet services that are up to 100 times faster than today’s average broadband speeds. Instant downloads. Crystal clear telephone service. And endless possibilities. Providing large or small businesses ultra-high-speed wireless connectivity that fits dedicated business needs.

Fast, affordable broadband access for an enterprise that requires fast download speeds and uptime reliability. Ask for our Point to point connection for business and wifi.

Services We Provide

Miami Downtown wireless broadband internet services

Invest Right Connectivity

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