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Discover your Network Security to keep your data safe.
Boost control over application and user behavior to fend off potential malware intrusion.

Cybersecurity Protects What Matters Most
Networks Security 

BroadMax services are the resource customers need to get the most value from our products. If you’re short on test personnel, time, or budget, our Test as a Service is ready with a test plan, the tools, and the experts to run the tests and explain the results.

Today’s workforces are more remote than ever. Yet still require fast, easy digital connectivity to support unwavering productivity. But more employee locations mean more opportunities for hacks and breaches to occur—from cybercriminals leveraging software, hardware and end user devices to wreak havoc on network to unintentional employee errors that can lead to compromised data. 

At BroadMax, we offer solutions and support to shore up cybersecurity on all fronts. We can advise you on your security posture, assess your environment, design the best approach, deploy your solution and manage it throughout its lifecycle.

With our broad range of professional services, you have expertise at your fingertips to:

  • Assess and optimize network performance, validate compliance, and harden security

  • Gain visibility into network applications and services to accelerate troubleshooting and enhance monitoring performance

  • Harden mission-critical networks against attack and train personnel to recognize and eradicate vulnerabilities

  • Improve performance, security, and application delivery of cloud, data center, and network services

Network security services, cabling and installation

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Network Operations

Network defense, perimeter protection, monitoring, policy development, and implementation, and intrusion detection

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Phishing testing, education, training, forensic analysis, threat detection, and implementation of countermeasure

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Penetration Testing

External and internal scans, perimeter assessment, application testing, network enumeration, threat analysis, and reporting

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Security Engineering

Policy development and implementation, mitigation support, and design of security layout and architecture

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Analyze threats, correlate analytical findings to ascertain attributable information regarding cyber groups, and monitor indications and warnings.

cybersecurity services Miami
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Forensics and Malware

Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, network forensics, intrusion investigations, incident response, reverse engineering, and malware analysis

BroadMax is offering to keep your data safe for all industries

Offering To Small, Medium, Large Size Companies, Schools, Construction Sites, Temporary Events, Office And Medical Buildings, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Freight Forwarding, Marinas, Yachts, And More.

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Protect the network and Reduce exposure to advanced malware

Using behavioral analysis and the latest threat intelligence, the solution helps deliver greater network protection.