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10 Nonprofit Technology Myths Debunked

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Many nonprofits consider moving to the cloud to help them with their biggest organizational challenge—to do more with less. As their staff, donations, and volunteers lose ground against increasing demands for resources and benefits, nonprofits are stretched thin and looking for new ways to close that gap. Cloud technologies provide a flexible, more affordable, and secure solution to achieve that.

If your organization has been considering new technology solutions in the cloud, you may have found inconsistencies in your research that make it difficult to separate fact from fiction. Those conflicting views and preconceived ideas make it easy for misconceptions to prevent your organization from gaining the advantages that the cloud offers.

Our e-book, 10 Nonprofit Technology Myths Debunked, provides facts to help you make the right decisions about what cloud technologies—including Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft Azure—can do for your nonprofit. With the facts, you can feel confident about switching to the cloud and how it can empower your staff to work together securely and effectively—no matter where they’re located or what devices they’re using.

Get started with the Microsoft 365 Business Premium Grant

Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams can help your nonprofit improve cybersecurity, reduce costs, and empower staff and volunteers to work from anywhere. Available free for up to 10 users and $5 USD per user/month for additional users.

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