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6 AI Apps On iPhone That Are Actually Useful

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage, with the technology spilling into practically every industry. Unfortunately, its more problematic uses, like AI art and plagiarism, have dominated the discussion, leading many to question whether AI is the future or just passing hype. However, it seems to be sticking around, at least for the time being, so you may as well utilize the latest tech trend to help you in your daily life.

6 AI Apps On iPhone That Are Actually Useful

Interestingly, there is a surprising amount of useful applications with AI at its core. Of course, you have ChatGPT and other similar, fairly standard chatbots you've undoubtedly heard about. They use various AI technology to perform countless tasks, including answering questions and generating content. While these are incredibly helpful for things like customer service and eCommerce, unless you're running a massive company, they likely won't help you much in your day-to-day life. However, there are plenty of, let's call them, unorthodox AI apps out there, with uses ranging from creative ideas to exercise and even therapy.

The best part? They're generally available on multiple platforms, and while we've covered the best AI apps for Android phones, these are some of the best available for iPhones through Apple's App Store.

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