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CCTV Solution for your Business

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Security solutions work collaboratively alongside security users to develop a solution that meets your goals and priorities - for security, safety, ease of use, systems and process integration, staff and stakeholder well-being, and to meet commercial priorities.

CCTV Solutions to meet your needs

BroadMax Networks is very proud to provide customized security solutions to our customers, both big and small, and across the divide of industries.

We offer a comprehensive security system and protection for your property.

We use a wide range of security systems tailored to your needs, budget, and requirements.

We serve clients from different sectors of the economy including:

Residential Buildings: designing, planning, implementation, and maintenance of advanced and simple security systems for single families, condominiums, and multi-tenant buildings.

Business & Commercial: we provide stand-alone security solutions or full package systems which include visitor management access control, and entry systems for single offices, businesses, retail stores, commercial spaces, and entire office buildings.

Property Management: We offer a full control security system with advanced customized systems including security cameras and entry systems for your property.

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