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Dual Redundant Internet Connection

Dual redundancy connectivity is the process of adding additional instances of network devices and lines of communication to help ensure network availability and decrease the risk of failure along the critical data path. BroadMAX Networks has the right dual redundant connectivity for any business size and/or industry.

A dual redundant internet connection is a critical solution for businesses that require uninterrupted internet connectivity. With dual WAN redundancy, if the primary network connection fails, the secondary network connection will automatically take over to ensure uninterrupted network service.

This is achieved through internet load balancing and failover, which means that when the primary connection is down, the secondary connection takes over.

A dual-WAN setup increases your network's chance to remain online during outages, or you can simultaneously use the two internet connections to increase your bandwidth.

By managing multiple connections with an intelligent WAN link controller, businesses can spread their internet traffic and user load across multiple connections, ensuring that they always have a reliable and fast internet connection.

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