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Projects around the Miami area

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

BroadMAX Networks has completed several successful Projects around the Miami area, providing IT solutions for hotels, resorts, and restaurants. The company's expertise in digitization has helped its clients connect with potential guests, manage reservations and billing, and anticipate trends within the industry. BroadMAX Networks delivers the IT solutions service that firms need to succeed today while innovating to address future requirements.

One of BroadMAX Networks' successful projects was the implementation of a high-speed internet and Wi-Fi solution for a luxury hotel in Miami. The solution provided guests with fast and reliable internet access, allowing them to stay connected and productive during their stay. The hotel was able to improve guest satisfaction and increase revenue by offering this service.

BroadMax Networks has performed works around Miami areas such as Miami Lakes, Doral, Key Biscayne, Opa-Locka, Hialeah, West Miami, North Miami, and continued.

Another project involved the implementation of an advanced guest room technology solution for a resort in Miami. The solution included smart TVs, voice-activated assistants, and mobile apps that allowed guests to control room temperature, lighting, and other amenities. The resort was able to enhance the guest experience and differentiate itself from competitors by offering this cutting-edge technology. BroadMAX Networks' team of experts has also provided IT solutions for several restaurants in the Miami area. The solutions included point-of-sale systems, inventory management systems, and mobile apps that allowed customers to place orders and make reservations. The restaurants were able to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience by leveraging these technologies.

At BroadMAX Networks, we are committed to providing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Our team of experts is passionate about helping our clients succeed in a rapidly evolving industry, and we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in hospitality technology.

Just call us for more information in your area at (786) 458-8600

BroadMAX Networks Project around Miami
BroadMAX Networks Project around Miami

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