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Special Events Internet Services

Updated: Mar 18

Offering even internet services may be easy, but securing reliable Internet for events in high-density environments, such as corporate meetings and conferences, without having to shell out big bucks on event internet pricing is anything but easy.


BroadMax Networks is the perfect solution for delivering reliable bandwidth to special events. We worked with Miami Beach Boat Show, Jungle Island, and others. It can be set up quickly, is non-invasive, and does not require long-term commitments. Let BroadMax provide primary or secondary bandwidth at your next event. BroadMax provides fast, reliable rural internet, so now you can get online easily and affordably.

WHY BROADMAX SPECIAL EVENTS INTERNET BroadMax Networks Special Events Internet Connections by placing a dedicated signal for concert tours, festivals, special events, corporate and more. This signal is relayed back down to a ground station and connects you quickly and efficiently to the internet.

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