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The anti-US axis of cyber chaos

Updated: May 14

The cyber chaos of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea is underway, and the US needs to act now.

FBI Director Christopher Wray issued an ominous warning to Congress on Jan. 31 about China’s plan to "wreak havoc" on U.S. critical infrastructure. To drive the point home, Wray revealed that Chinese cyber hackers outnumber American information operations personnel by 50 to 1. 

As a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer specializing in foreign cyber warfare doctrines and operations, I participated in wargames simulating a cyber conflict between the United States and its top adversaries. Congress and my fellow Americans must know that China is not the only U.S. foe that’s building a cyber weapons arsenal with the intent of targeting our country. 

Here’s a list of top cyber state actors that pose the highest threat to the U.S. homeland, according to Intelligence Community estimates.

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