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What Is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Common MSP Coverage Areas

You can find a managed service provider to handle almost all your business processes. Traditionally, when IT infrastructure became crucial for business success, organizations started outsourcing their IT processes including Infrastructure installation and management, networking, security and data warehouses, this gave them access to the MSP’s expertise and capabilities without incurring high costs.

Managed IT Service Provider
Managed IT Service Provider

Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an organization responsible for managing and delivering services to another organization as per their requirement is called a managed service provider (MSP). The services provided by an MSP typically are ongoing and remote. Traditionally, an MSP was used to manage or deliver information technology (IT) services like infrastructure, security, networking and applications. But a modern-day managed service provider may also manage an organization’s other business needs, such as staffing, payroll, customer engagement and vendor management.

Benefits of Using an MSP

Current business landscape is highly competitive, and it makes sense for businesses to focus on their core competency. However other departments like staffing, HR, payroll and benefits administration, IT infrastructure and applications, are crucial for smooth running of the overall business. MSPs have expertise in the processes that they manage. So, when you hire an MSP for noncore processes, you and your team can focus on activities that drive growth while ensuring that other processes are also being run by experts and not getting neglected. Here are some benefits of hiring an MSP:

  • Processes are run by highly specialized and experienced experts.

  • Save on hiring and managing in-house experts to run the same processes.

  • Get access to the latest technologies and applications.

  • Scale up or down according to changing business needs quickly.

  • Most MSPs are subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) services; you can easily predict the amount you will be spending every month.

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